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History of Rivas

Rivas, the fourth and largest district of the canton of Pérez Zeledón, located in the beautiful province of San José, Costa Rica. This gem is situated just 10 km northeast of San Isidro de El General, on the road to the Chirripó National Park.

Rivas boasts an impressive area of ​​310.28 km² and an average altitude of 870 m a.s.l. (that's above sea level, for those who skipped geography class). The district's altitude ranges from a modest 870 m to a breathtaking 3820 m. And if you're wondering about the population, well, Rivas has an estimated 7,318 inhabitants as of 2022.

But let's not forget about the history of this charming district. The locals believe that Mr. Huldérico Valverde and his wife Alicia Gamboa Mora are the heart and soul of Rivas. These lovebirds tied the knot in 1947 and have been an integral part of the community ever since.

Another pioneer who deserves a shoutout is Francisco Solís. He arrived in Pueblo Nuevo in 1943, hailing from San Pablo in the canton of

León Cortés Castro. Solís played a crucial role in building the school, the temple, and the road. He also served on the School Board for two decades. Talk about dedication!

Back in the day, Rivas was a small community with only a handful of families and ranches. Don Octavio Castillo Méndez, whose family came from San Jerónimo de Tarrazú, was another pioneer who contributed to the district's development. He started working towards community development at the young age of 21.

According to neighbors, the good old days were filled with plenty of sustenance, but cash was scarce. A hardworking day laborer would earn a measly CRC ₡1.25 by noon. Can you believe it? And to add insult to injury, the tantalizing tamuga of sweets back then cost a whopping CRC ₡0.40. Talk about a tough break!

Let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the origins of Rivas district. The OG residents were a group of fearless hombres including Claudio Elizondo, Simeón Valverde, and Humberto Gamboa, just to name a few. These guys paved the way for the rest of us to enjoy the beauty of Rivas today.

One of the OGs, Don Luis Valverde, made his way to Buena Vista in 1947 and lived his youth there. He even claimed that cars arrived in Rivas before San Isidro, thanks to a trail that connected them with Division.

Now, let's break down the different sectors of Rivas. First up, we have the Chirripó Sector, named after the river that runs through it. This sector includes San Gerardo, Canaán, Chimirol, and more. Next, we have the Buena Vista Sector, also named after the river that runs through it. This sector includes Buena Vista, La Piedra, and other cool spots.

The Central Sector is the closest to the center of Rivas and the city of San Isidro de El General. This sector includes Rivas, Pueblo Nuevo, and other areas. Finally, we have the Cerro de la Muerte Sector, named after the nearby massif. This sector includes Division, El Jardín, and other towns that are culturally linked to Páramo.

Well, folks, that's Rivas district for you. It's a place where the OGs set the foundation and the sectors are as varied as can be. It's a unique and beautiful area to live and explore.

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