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Los Angeles Estate

Welcome to the Los Angeles Estate. Located in the village of Los Angeles de Rivas, 30 minutes from the city of San Isidro El General, and situated in the foothills of Costa Rica’s highest peak, Mount Chirripo, this property promises unlimited potential. 


This unique property sits at about 1,600 meters above sea level looking out to El Uran, Costa Rica’s third highest peak and Venisqueros, the second-highest peak. This is a truly unique vantage point that can only be enjoyed from the village of Los Angeles. 


Twenty percent of the property is a protected forest that borders Chirripo National Park. The rest is “potrero” or land that has been cleared for cattle farming. The potrero invites you to clearly see the topography of the land and development potential. 


The property runs from the forest-dense mountain top down to one of the most pristine and beautiful spots on the Rio Chirripo. This river spot has large sun baked boulders and small cascades that flow from one swimming hole to the next. 


There are currently two main entry points, one in the village of Los Angeles and the other a short drive on the main road to the village of Canaan. A 600 meter road from the entry point on the road in Los Angeles takes you up to higher parts of the property where you can take in spectacular mountain views and see several flats or gently sloping areas for development slowly emerge. 


There are two main springs located within the property. One is located high above in the forest and the other halfway between the mountain top and the river. A small stream flows through the forested area and meets the river in the rainy season. 

Development within The Los Angeles Estate feels removed, nestled in, and tucked back into nature, but within a five-minute drive, you can arrive in the village of Canaan. Canaan is home to Casa Alegria community space, the Butterfly Dome, Batsu Restaurant, Estrella Bakery, and much more. Canaan has a public school in the center of the village for primary grades and a high school that happens to be one of the best in the country, graduating students that go on to study internationally.


A ten-minute drive will take you to the village of San Gerardo where you can find the official entry point to start climbing Chirripo, Costa Rica's highest peak, CloudBridge Nature Reserve, Rio Chirripo Lodge, Kapi Kapi Eco Mercado and Cafe, Roca Dura Restaurant, Robino's Foodies, and so much more. San Gerardo has a public school at the primary level and Montessori School for toddlers.

Within walking distance is Escuelita Finca Mia. A Waldorf-inspired school servicing primary school levels with many international as well as local students in attendance.  Los Angeles is home to private residences and two retreat centers, Finca Mia and Montana Azul. Finca Adama is a private homestead with classes that run at select times of the year offering permaculture certifications, biodynamic farming workshops, herbalism workshops, and a variety of alternative education opportunities for all ages. 


The asking price for The Los Angeles Estate is $4,000,000 with options for subdivide and adjusted pricing.


To view plan maps or book an appointment for a viewing please contact us directly via WhatsApp. 

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