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Los Angeles Estate

Welcome to the Los Angeles Estate, nestled in the village of Los Angeles de Rivas, just 30 minutes from the vibrant city of San Isidro El General. Embraced by the foothills of Costa Rica’s highest peak, Mount Chirripo, this property offers boundless potential.

Perched approximately 1,600 meters above sea level, it commands unparalleled vistas of El Uran and Venisqueros, offering a rare and exclusive perspective unique to Los Angeles. With 20% of the land designated as protected forest adjoining Chirripo National Park, and the remaining portion featuring cleared "potrero" ideal for agricultural or development purposes, this property embodies versatility and opportunity.

From its forested mountaintop to the picturesque Rio Chirripo below, it boasts a diverse landscape, including tranquil river spots with sun-baked boulders and cascading waterfalls. Accessed via two entry points, including one in Los Angeles village and another off the main road to Canaan, a 600-meter road leads to elevated areas with stunning mountain panoramas and potential development sites. Natural springs and streams traverse the estate, while its setting feels secluded yet conveniently close to amenities. Within minutes, reach the vibrant village of Canaan, home to community spaces, eateries, bakeries, and esteemed educational institutions.


Further afield, explore San Gerardo, the gateway to Chirripo, and discover a plethora of attractions, from nature reserves to culinary delights. Nearby, Waldorf-inspired Escuelita Finca Mia caters to primary education, while retreat centers and alternative education hubs enrich the community fabric.

Offered at $5,000,000 with subdivision options, The Los Angeles Estate beckons as a haven for discerning investors seeking serenity and endless possibilities. Contact us via WhatsApp to schedule a viewing appointment or to view plan maps.

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